Design & Installation


In consultation with the client, Christopher Michael P.C. will design a plan for the transfer of stock or membership interest to employee ownership. Such plan will include advice and assistance in structuring the transaction so as to comply with all applicable IRS rules. Such plan will include a free preliminary financial analysis regarding the transaction. At a client's request, we will work with our network of professional financial analysts to prepare a detailed study.


Christopher Michael P.C. will work with clients to draft any trust agreements and/or corporate documents to reflect and facilitate the company’s desires and preferences with respect to the company's employee ownership program. We will also work with clients to draft the necessary transaction documents, including the stock purchase agreement, loan agreement, promissory note, and security agreement, as well as all of the necessary corporate resolutions.

IRS Approval

Christopher Michael P.C. will assist clients with selection of an appropriate tax status with the IRS. If necessary, we will prepare the appropriate forms and applications and will communicate with the IRS on a client's behalf in connection with obtaining IRS approval of a client's new tax status.