Trustee services

Christopher Michael P.C. is available to serve as a trustee, trust protector, or trust administrator. For grantors who want a neutral, impartial party to manage and distribute the assets held in an employee ownership trust, we serve as trustees. For grantors who want a neutral, impartial party to enforce the terms of an employee ownership trust, we also serve as trust protectors. Finally, we are available to advise trustees on the administration of employee ownership trusts. ensuring that our clients distribute trust assets correctly and efficiently while minimizing associated tax burdens.

New Jersey Law

New Jersey's updated uniform trust code provides start-of-the-art trust code for the governing law of your trust. New Jersey has long permitted perpetual trusts. The new code expressly provides for noncharitable purpose trusts, trust directors, trust protectors, limited liability for trustees, and flexible access to New Jersey as the location of the trust. Due to our office's close proximity to New Jersey, we can provide New Jersey as the principal place of administration and situs of your trust. Christopher Michael, Esq. is also admitted to practice law in New Jersey, in addition to New York, Minnesota, North Dakota, and the District of Columbia.